Do you want to rent or sell your real estate? Following way is your solution:

We oversight your RE and make a proposal of the price and we present how is your chance to sell or rent it.
In case of price determination, we take brokerage contract in writing (see necessary documents for the brokerage contract).
We check up the papers, eventually ensure missing documents and we inspect all sequences.
We take a pictures of the estate, eventually we make a video, we prepare a cataloque and offer, file the card and make computer record.
In this manner prepared order undertakes estate agent and we will send a notice about this matter to you in writing. Competent person from our agency will inform you monthly about sale process in writing ev. by telephone.
The offer is dispatched to our clients from data bank, we book advertisments on internet servers and and in weekly, fortnightly and montly press, which are published in co-operation with The National Association of Slovak estate agencies. At need we exploit advertising in local mediums. Our sale concept is activ, that is mean we do not wait for anybody respond at advertise offer, but we are dynamic in looking up and contacting persons interested.
- We organize oversights of your estate with the prospectives. In case of client´s decision to buy, he takes off, by your leave, 10% reserve on our deposit account and we sign up contract about prospective sale where we assign defined term for writing of purchasing contract. Till this term we prepare complete details and make concrete contract conditions. Whenever we make such way of the settlements of purchasing amount that you lose neither estate nor the money.
We encourage writing buying contract at notary, we interpose this for you and take part in this process too.
We pass buying contract to real estate register beyond deposit purpose ( while the notary do not thus) and we realise the transfer of purchasing amount according to the conditions listed in buying contract.

     In case of successful sale, for complete operation thereinbefore our real agency charges percentage at hight from 3 % to 7 % from gaining sale price until it was not coming to any other agreement, providing the rent it makes 1 or 2 hires per month.

     The list of necessary documents for conclusion of the brokerage contract:

1. Acquirement list (contract of sale, heritage decree, deed of gift, approval decree, building permission, geometric plan - in case of unfinished building).
2. Copy from real estate register.
3. Snapshot from cadastral map.
4. Expert's testimony.
5. Copy from the Companies Register (actual for legal person).
6. ev. Project documentation.

Listed documentation render, please, in duplicates form (it is possible to make it in our agency). We are able to get documents listed in points 2,3,4,5 on commision.


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